Heal in your home, quickly, without side effects.


Safe Laser is a highly effective medical device that eliminates pain and inflammation, speeds up the body’s self-healing processes, boosts metabolism and initiates cell regeneration.

"The time has come for the doctor to put the healing laser in the patient's hand."

Doctor Lajos Gáspár

Candidate of Medicine, Associate Professor

Medications can only mask the symptoms of pain,

however, their prolonged use in many cases causes side effects and damages the intestinal mucosa.

Stop torturing your body because there is a medical device that:

  • Addresses the real cause of the problem,
  • At your home, among comfortable conditions,
  • Free of pain and side effects,
  • And its healing effects are experienced even after the first usage.

Laser light accelerates and initiates the body’s healing processes (biostimulation), it has got an analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-swelling effect, improves blood and lymphatic circulation, as well as it stimulates the regeneration of damaged nerves.

It is a Hungarian invention.

Safe Laser is a Hungarian patent that was developed as a result of 40 years of laser research by Dr. Károly Rózsa, Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

The Safe Laser is a “safe laser” (medically called soft laser) device that has got the power of hospital lasers, which have been used for healing for 50 years, but is not dangerous to the eye because it is equipped with a special optic. As a result, it can be used safely at home, you do not need a specialist to do the treatment, so you can do it yourself.

What makes Safe Laser unique?

It has got no
side effects.

Soft laser is not dangerous to the eyes, cannot be overdosed, have got no harmful side effects and can be combined with other therapies.


Its healing effect can be experienced even after the first use, most of the time some treatments are enough to completely eliminate the pain.

It can be used at your home

With Safe Laser you can heal in your own home, we take the equipment to your home so that you can try it, you do not even have to leave your home.

Versatile help

It is a device that can be used for the treatment of a wide variety of illnesses, and you do not have to have different treatments for the different problems.

What illnesses can be treated with it?

Locomotor problems

It is the most frequently and effectively treated problem area for our patients. It can be used for joint pain (both acute and chronic) to treat injuries, dislocations, sprains, cracks, fractures, tears, blood clots, oedema, tendonitis, swelling, cartilage wear, spinal hernia (even to prevent from surgery) as it initiates cartilage formation. Unlike a polarized light bioptron lamp, the soft laser not only has a beneficial effect on the skin surface, but also penetrates into the deeper tissues of the body, so that the treatment site can be precisely targeted. Another advantage of Safe Laser is that it is also suitable for the treatment of diseases that can be cured by illuminating the nostril. (e.g. allergies)

Illnesses of the skin

It reduces the excessive formation of tissue in scars after cuts, burns and surgeries by improving the blood supply of the injured area and promoting the formation of new capillaries (tiny blood vessels) in the injured areas. The waste products are easier to remove, thus speeding up the healing process. It is also used in cosmetics, e.g. to treat acne prone skin and wrinkles. It can be used for the treatment of epithelial injuries, skin diseases, wounds and abrasions, for post-operative rehabilitation, it promotes the rapid regeneration of cells. It also initiates the healing of difficult-to-heal, ulcerous wounds and is also effective in the treatment of herpes, shingles, atopic dermatitis and eczema.

Upper respiratory tract diseases

It helps to heal ear and auditory inflammation, tinnitus and hissing in the ears by using a special illuminating supplement. It relieves the symptoms of influenza or airway inflammation, accelerates its course. It can eliminate the symptoms of allergies, asthma and hay fever. It accelerates the healing of soft and bone tissue after dental treatments, oral surgeries and dental implants. It helps with epithelial adhesion around tooth implants during the ossification phase. In case of toothache or gingivitis, it can be used both outside and inside the mouth.

Sports injuries

It shortens the healing time of traumatic injuries. It has a biostimulation effect on the living organism, which means that cells and tissues can regenerate faster when illuminated with soft laser light (healing is accelerated). Laser light increases cell metabolism, and new cells, tissues, and new capillaries are formed.
Due to the collagen production enhancing effect of laser therapy, it is also extremely effective in the treatment of open wounds.
Laser radiation also has got a serious effect on individual blood cells. Laser light significantly increases the oxygen and nutrient carrying capacity of red blood cells. This allows increased energy production, metabolism, and thus regeneration of cells as well as more efficient production of certain enzymes. The effect can be experienced throughout the whole body, not just in areas treated with laser light.

Attention and care

We supply you with not just an equipment, but a personalized treatment plan as well.

We regularly consult with our patients about the progress of their recovery.

I am Róbert Doma,

Managing Director of Cell-Vitál Ltd.

I have been the key sales partner for Safe Laser devices invented and manufactured by Dr. Károly Rózsa and Tamás Rózsa, in Hungary since 2016.
I am in contact with several doctors, naturopaths, physiotherapists, physiotherapy assistants, health professionals and athletes. I have been an honorary speaker and exhibitor at several conferences already.

Choose what is appropriate for you!

What types of Safe Laser equipments are available?

What is each one used for?

Safe Laser 150

SL150 device can be used for the treatment of skin surface lesions and inflammations. It applies to a depth of 3-4 cm.
Even this smallest Safe Laser has got several types of accessories that allow for versatile use of the home soft-laser equipment.

Safe Laser 500

The special infrared light of the Safe Laser 500 Infrared is absorbed in much deeper layers than that of red lasers (its biological effect is up to 8 cm deep), so it can be used excellently e.g. in the therapy of musculoskeletal diseases, where it has got an analgesic, anti-inflammatory effect and accelerates the healing of muscles, tendons and joints.

Safe Laser 1800

Safe Laser 1800 Infra is primarily recommended for professional users, its healing effect is up to 10 cm deep, whereas its treatment surface is 5 times larger than that of the Safe Laser 500 Infra, so it can treat diseases with shorter treatment times and greater efficiency.

How can you start healing as soon as possible?


Upon your request, we will visit you at your home free of charge and introduce the usage of Safe Laser, with which we will start treating your problem and pain right away.


If your problem has improved, but you want more treatments to completely eliminate the pain, you have the option to rent a Safe Laser device from us that anyone can use during this time period.

Due to the coronavirus situation, these services are currently unavailable.


If you want to use the device regularly not only for yourself but also for your family members, you have the option to purchase Safe Laser (also available with private health care fund).


You can also buy special accessories for Safe Laser, with which you can perform targeted treatments e.g. in the nose, ears, mouth or on skin.

Akinél már bizonyított a Safe Laser...

Do not suffer from pain, try Safe Laser for free.

Pain in the body is an indication of a problem somewhere. If left untreated, a little pain can later develop into great pain and then chronic inflammation. The earliest possible start of laser therapy plays an important role in preventing the development of musculoskeletal diseases, narrowing and chronic diseases.

Log in and experience how quickly your pain goes away with Safe Laser.

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