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Facts about Safe Laser

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Nasal treatment activates the immune system’s defenses of the body, as it is crucially important what condition the immune system is in when an infection occurs. When prepared, the immune response is much faster, thus speeding up the healing process.
If the immune response is delayed, there is time for the virus to divide, burdening our immune system with a much more difficult task to combat the infection.
The virus feels good in an oxygen-deficient environment, but with regular nasal treatment, we increase the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood and improve microcirculation, so the virus cannot create an optimal environment in our body.
The treatment triggers the same processes in white blood cells, leukocytes as in any of our other cells, i.e. increased ATP synthesis in mitochondria, which means that white corpuscles can act more effectively against the virus and do a better job.

You don’t have to believe in it, it is enough that we know what Safe Laser can do, skeptical people have already recovered in many cases … If a skeptic tries it, he / she will believe in it 🙂

Naturally, management is also our job: we support all our clients to gain sufficient effects, if it is necessary we help in person.

In its operation, there is not a single laser beam here, but a lot, very close to each other, and their forces add up because of the same wavelengths (interference occurs). Therefore, the device can have an effect (and thus heal) at greater depths in the tissues.

A lot of veterinarians use our devices in their surgeries. They are highly effective in the healing of dogs, cats, horses, etc. and other pets. The image below was taken of a horse treated with Safe Laser.

The battery may be exhausted or the battery may have been inserted upside down.

Yes of course. Our goal is to get more people to know how effective this unique Hungarian invention is. Contact us and we will discuss the details.

We also use the device for babies (e.g. for diaper rashes). So even for newborns.

No, the devices have got a consumer price set by the manufacturer, from which no reseller can deviate. In addition to the devices, we can provide additional services (e.g. an additional two-year warranty) and possibly accessories as a discount. There are months when there are promotions, check our site regularly.

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